Tolerance or Respect?  Communication is the Key

No Matter How Grave The Situation, Something Can Be Done About It

Scientology Churches across the country invited the community to join them for the premiere of Operation: Something Can Be Done About It. The feature-length documentary produced by Scientology Media Productions aired on International Volunteer Day, December 5. The film documents the response of the Church of Scientology to the Covid pandemic, not only to help parishioners and staff but to reach out indiscriminately on an unparalleled scale across the globe to ensure the safety of every sector of society. A sampling of feedback shows the film’s impact.

“What they did for our police department during Covid was hands down an absolute blessing,” said a police officer the Church helped with sanitization. “In a time of complete panic and fear, they stepped up with help…. I am proud to have worked alongside every member.”

“You did not let your volunteers or staff sit there but you gave them a way to do something and told them, ‘OK, let’s go. We are doing this,’” said a neighbor.

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