The Rich Culture of South Africa Celebrated at Kyalami Castle

Crowning South Africa’s Heritage Month with a celebration at Kyalami Castle

In his newsletter on the eve of Heritage Day, South African President Cyril Ramaphosa urged all South Africans to honor “the commitment of leaders like Prince Buthelezi and President Nelson Mandela to put aside their differences and work for peace,” and that maintaining peace and advancing reconciliation is the country’s “collective responsibility” and “the greatest gift we can bestow on the generations to come.”

It was in this spirit that the Church of Scientology hosted officials, religious and community leaders, and other stakeholders for a Heritage Day celebration at Castle Kyalami, Church of Scientology headquarters for Africa. Hundreds, dressed in traditional attire, raised their voices in song, and danced in a joyous salute to the cultural wealth of the nation.

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