Thank you for Supporting the IAS

Check Out Our Accomplishments in the Last Decade

Thank you for all you have done to support the IAS. I thought you might like to see WHAT WAS SPONSORED IN THE LAST DECADE:

In the last decade, the IAS provided over 600 grants for strategic projects. This made possible the acquisition and opening of:

  • 10 Strategic Ideal Orgs
  • 2 Advanced Organizations
  • 2 National Affairs Offices
  • 6 Narconons
  • 1 Applied Scholastics Center

In terms of our social salvage campaigns, in the last decade:

  • CCHR traveling exhibits traversed 185,000 miles; touring over 788,000 people.
  • Over 102 million Truth About Drugs booklets were distributed – 1,164 booklets every hour.
  • Drug Free World formed more than 7,000 partnerships with law enforcement and civic organizations.
  • Over 7.5 million human rights booklets were distributed.
  • Over 26 million copies of The Way to Happiness were distributed.
  • 6,170 individuals, groups, corporations and agencies ordered personalized copies of The Way to Happiness with customized covers.
  • 13 million new Volunteer Ministers were trained and over 3100 Volunteer Minister groups were established.
  • Volunteer Ministers helped more than 40 million people in over 15,000 locations worldwide.

And the IAS sponsored the greatest Scientology Dissemination campaign ever, with tens of thousands of TV ads promoting The Scientology Network resulting in:

  • The Scientology Network has now been streamed in 238 nations and 7 territories.
  • Since launch there have been 82 million visitors to Scientology websites – an average of one every second.
  • A Scientology online course is started every 5 minutes of every day.

This is the kind of impact we are making on the global stage, made possible with IAS SUPPORT.

We are kicking off the next decade which will be unimaginable and am counting on you for your continual support.

What plans do you have for this year?

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