Success From The Full Golden Age Of Knowledege

I’m a Flag-trained Class VIII auditor, a New OT VIII completion, and I just completed the full Golden Age of Knowledge line-up! I have been on a journey with LRH that has led me through trillions of years of civilizations including through all former therapies, where man has been searching for answers regarding the spirit, mind and life. I realized at the start of the Golden Age of Knowledge that when I came into Scientology 30 years ago, I had taken a lot for granted. I simply walked in and started up the Grade Chart. That all changed when I started following LRH’s complete path of research and discovery.

When I started the ACCs, with each day and each lecture, LRH wrapped his beingness around me and only then did I realize what this man has done for all people of Earth. All my abilities are rehabilitated, and I have complete certainty and power to handle any situation swiftly and easily. This was all brought about by the total knowledge of the mind that the Golden Age of Knowledge line-up gave me.

LRH refers to the Basics continually in the ACCs as he takes one datum from that period of Basics and then does 30 or 40 lectures on it. Then I fully started to understand what he was telling us. There were times when I would get an LRH datum and sit back and for days I would shake my head, as just one datum could so move my universe.

For me there is nothing more important than training. Training is about certainty, competence and effectively helping my family, my groups and mankind. I don’t let anything get in the way of going to study. There is nothing else more important! For us to be here at this moment in time with LRH and to have COB completely duplicate LRH and to bring about the Materials Guide Chart is beyond brilliant. My entire time track with LRH and my understanding of the technology of Dianetics and Scientology have been completely straightened out with the Golden Age of Knowledge line-up.

One thing that really made an impression on me was when LRH talked about the biggest overt there being to not disseminate Dianetics and Scientology. That is why I work with the IAS full time as I can be the most effective on the fourth dynamic with the IAS to reach all people of Earth. Individually each one of us must be 100% dedicated to this religious movement, for it will be us who will get on the comm lines of the world and create a new civilization. It is very easy to look out and see where this civilization has gone and how we are the only ones that are now giving it life. We are giving them LRH so they too will have the most valuable, the most incredible technology that man has ever seen.

The next time you pick up something from LRH, you should know that he said on the ACCs that he was working at times 48 hours, wearing 18 hats and building this religion! And he never gave up. When I heard that, I realized that whatever dedication I had to reverse the dwindling spiral needed to be up 100 times as I must do everything I can do to ensure that the Aims of Scientology and the Pledge to Mankind get carried out for all people of Earth. I want to ensure 100% that I do my part to guarantee the future of Scientology.

My greatest thanks go to the Captain FSO, his staff and the entire FLB, as I am inspired daily by each and every one of you for your complete dedication to LRH and in creating a new civilization. Thank you to Chairman of the Board RTC for the Materials Guide Chart; it’s so, so brilliant that each and every one of us can travel this journey with LRH. And thank you to LRH for knowing his lectures should be recorded, dated and numbered so that we can take his legacy into eternity.

– K.F.

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